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Dec 30, 2013
Feinstein to Obama: Move without Congress on GMOs
Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) is urging President Obama to use the power of his office to require labels on food containing genetically engineered ingredients. Legislation pending in both the House and Senate would force companies to tell consumers which products contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), though there is no clear path forward in the divided Congress....[full story]
Dec 23, 2013
Chapter 10 of James Murphy's translation of Mein Kampf: "All this was inspired by the principle--which is quite true within itself--that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying."...[full story]
Dec 23, 2013
Heads should roll! CNN leftist hacks' hit piece
Under the guise of journalism, the Obama administration’s low-class mouthpieces over at CNN invited me for a “discussion” about my recent victory over the NSA’s secret and illegal spy program. In typical leftist-ese, it was a hit piece designed to attack my character and reputation, an outrageous attempt to try to cut me down to size because I have opposed President Barack Hussein Obama and his administration and now clearly am a huge threat to his continuation in office....[full story]
Dec 23, 2013
The Final Word on Supplements Yeah, Right.
(OMNS Dec 21, 2013) "Centrum Silver Adults 50+" was the low-dose multivitamin tested in a much-trumpeted recent study that "proved that supplements don't work." Here is the manufacturer's webpage for this paragon of applied nutritional science: http://www.centrum.com/centrum-silver-adults-50-plus#tablets However, to actually see in detail what's in the product, you have to click the tiny "Product Labeling" link directly under the package illustration . . . and then scroll all the way down to the fine print in the "Ingredients" box....[full story]
Dec 23, 2013
'Duck' censorship a warning to ministers?
The suspension of reality TV star Phil Robertson from his top-rated show for essentially citing what the Bible says about homosexual behavior is a religious-rights issue as much as it is a free-speech concern, according to Christian ministers....[full story]
Dec 23, 2013
Now consider the Federal Reserve, an entity closely tied to the policies and policymakers of the CFR. ...[full story]
Dec 23, 2013
A few days ago disinformer extraordinaire Rush Limbaugh began a propaganda campaign to prove that Pope Francis is a Marxist. Limbaugh bases his attacks on the fact that the Pope has expressed his displeasure for the so-called “free” trade capitalism in his Apostolic Exhortation of November 24, 2013. “This is just pure Marxism coming out of the mouth of the pope,” said Limbaugh.[1]...[full story]
Dec 23, 2013
Alarming Gov't Plan to Confiscate Your Savings
Governments have been confiscating citizens’ savings for decades through deficits, inflation and outright theft, and it's about to get worse.  Bankrupt governments will do whatever is necessary to survive and feed the welfare state, and they have never been more bankrupt than they are right now.  Look no further than Poland confiscating half of citizen pensions.  If you knew the government was going to steal your savings from you, would you do anything differently to protect your savings now?  It’s an important question to think about now, because they ARE coming for your money, and some newly-discovered facts prove it....[full story]
Dec 20, 2013
Harper won't be expecting this...
As I write this note, speculation that Stephen Harper will call a snap election in the spring is rampant. One of Ottawa’s most respected and well-connected columnists reports that senior political insiders think a spring election is entirely possible, citing the Conservatives' success in calling a snap election in 2008 and pointing out that new electoral boundaries that favour the Conservatives will take effect after May 1st....[full story]
Dec 19, 2013
If you still have any doubt that the nations of the world are governed by lunatics and fools, consider this from Canada, from the official website of the Ontario Human Rights Commission....[full story]
Dec 19, 2013
Nine states propose 16 anti-fluoridation bills in 2013 to protect public against poison
(NaturalNews) Things are heating up on the fluoride front as states and municipalities all across the country rethink their official water fluoridation policies. According to the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), some 16 pieces of legislation across nine states were introduced or passed just within the past year to protect the public against this pervasive poison....[full story]
Dec 19, 2013
American Herbal Pharmacopoeia releases cannabis monograph legitimizing herb as botanical medicine
(NaturalNews) After more than 70 years of exclusion due to longstanding prohibition at the national level, cannabis is once again gaining official recognition as a legitimate botanical medicine. The American Herbal Pharmacopoeia(AHP) recently announced the publication of an official cannabis monograph, which is set to be installed in two parts, that establishes a solid groundwork for the full integration of cannabis therapy into modern medicine....[full story]
Dec 18, 2013
Vitamins, Minerals Reduce AIDS Mortality
Ignoring Supplements Means Unnecessary Deaths   (OMNS Dec 17, 2013) Twenty-six years ago, I worked with a client (woman, late 20s) who was HIV positive. She was a heavy drinker and drug user, a smoker, had a terrible diet, and a series of bad personal relationships. Her health was deteriorating. Desperate, she decreased her drug and alcohol use. She still smoked, ate a poor diet, and was under great stress. She took multivitamin/multimineral supplements irregularly. But she took a lot of vitamin C very regularly, for over two decades. ...[full story]
Dec 18, 2013
10 Ways To Greater Happiness
A mix of the basic and eclectic is the way to go to make more of us content with our lives. WHAT makes a person happy? As if that question is not complicated enough, there are attempts to measure the happiness of nations as a whole, basically through surveys of how happy the individuals are....[full story]
Dec 17, 2013
Study Calls Into Question Effectiveness of Hepatitis B Vaccine for Newborns
If you are pregnant and will deliver your baby in a hospital in America, it's important to know that the hepatitis B vaccine is given to virtually every newborn in U.S.hospitals — many times without parents' consent — shortly after the baby is born....[full story]
Dec 17, 2013
China is now the third nation to successfully complete a Lunar rover mission after the United States and the then-Soviet Union. China plans to establish a permanent space station by 2020 and then send a man to the Moon. China’s moon mission is viewed as a symbol of the nation’s rise as a global economic and military superpower, and while China reaches for the stars and Moon, it continues to grow its economy. Conversely, America is being systematically degraded from within by very powerful forces. The NASA space program has been crippled by budget cuts; our economy is intentionally being destroyed; and our military is being weakened. In addition, the American people and specifically the middle class, who built this nation, are being subjected to a psy ops program which seems intent on destroying America’s “can do” attitude, free enterprise, marriage, family and Judeo-Christian values....[full story]
Dec 17, 2013
Costa Rica is being sued
Infinito Gold, a Canadian mining company, just slapped Costa Rica with a $1 billion lawsuit because the nation decided to protect its rainforests rather than host an open-pit gold mine....[full story]
Dec 16, 2013
Doctors Are The Biggest Drug Users
A Medscape email alerted me this week to two important articles that help explain why doctors prescribe so many meds. The reason? Many doctors are abusing and addicted to meds themselves. An October, 2013 survey in the Journal of Addiction Medicine showed 10-15% of doctors will experience a substance abuse disorder in their lifetime. The survey was anonymous but believe me, if that many are admitting a problem, you can double or triple those numbers. After all, how much of addictive behavior is about denial? The prescription drugs most commonly misused were opiates and sedatives but were also associated with use of illegal drugs and alcohol. According to the study participants, 94.5% of whom were men, the drugs were taken to help manage physical pain and emotional problems....[full story]
Dec 16, 2013
New evidence for miraculous Red Sea crossing
Seldom has there been such an overwhelming response to a video offered in the WND Superstore. But it's understandable, seeing as this documentary presents stunning visual evidence of Egyptian chariot wheels at the bottom of the Red Sea – archeological finds that support the biblical account of the miraculous parting of the Red Sea described by Moses in the book of Exodus....[full story]
Dec 16, 2013
What do Monsanto and Coke have in common?
After the narrow defeat in Washington, the public learned that Coca-Cola had secretly contributed more than $1.5 million to the campaign against the labeling of genetically engineered foods in the state. Coca-Cola also contributed more than $1.7 million to defeat labeling in California the year before, making the company one of the largest contributors to the defeat of state labeling efforts....[full story]
Dec 16, 2013
Read Why Warfare Begets Itself
Have you ever wondered why leaders of nations seem to have utter confidence in using warfare to resolve disagreements with other nations or with their own people?...[full story]
Dec 12, 2013
(Note: I have indicated many times that after the 2014 elections, the economies of nations will decline and a new world currency will be accepted by 2018. Relevant to this, investor Jim Rodgers recently told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that the next economic "crisis" could occur in 2015 or 2016, stating: "The next correction when it comes, because the debt is so very high---you know, 2008 was worse than 2002 because the debt was so much higher. You wait until 2015 or 2016 when the next crisis hits...debt has gone through the roof, the next one's gonna be really bad." He advised: "Be prepared, be worried, and be careful.")...[full story]
Dec 12, 2013
Mother Jones now channeling Alex Jones: Police militarization can no longer be denied
(NaturalNews) Mother Jonesmagazine, long a voice of the anti-establishment left, has made a transformation of sorts in recent months, culminating in an admission of sorts that those on the forefront of the fight to restore individual freedom and liberty have a point when they decry the rising instances of police militarization....[full story]
Dec 12, 2013
Secret Service agent spills secret: 'You've been sold out'
A former Secret Service agent who protected both Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama says he has identified where the political system is broken and what needs to be done to fix it....[full story]
Dec 12, 2013
DNA Testing: Do You Have a Right to Test Your Own DNA? FDA Says No!
There’s a reason your government is whittling away at your healthcare options and driving costs out of control—and not a good one. America spends over $2.6 trillion a year (18% of our GDP) on healthcare. At the same time, government is tightening the regulatory reins on nutritional and natural methods to support health—an approach that isn’t lowering healthcare spending, but raising it!...[full story]