Help stop the Environmental Devastation Budget

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May 24, 2012 Nov 30, 1999
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Dear Trueman,

Bill-C38 will be voted on in less than two weeks. If passed, this "Budget Implementation Bill" will devastate Canada's environmental laws.

This bill is intentionally long and difficult to understand. Elizabeth May clarifies the deliberately confusing Bill C-38, showing how the budget bill is packed with non-budget items in order to hide them from the public.

Take a minute to get involved and spread the word. Your engagement will tell the Harper Conservatives that you refuse to accept their anti-nature stealth attack budget bill that will have long-term impacts for all Canadians, and our future generations.

Sign and share the online petition today, or complete a print petition for Elizabeth to table in the House of Commons.


Becky Smit
Interim Exectutive Director
Green Party of Canada

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